Sunday, February 5, 2012

i have a CRUSH.

CRUSH? ape tu? KFC KRUSHER ke? haha. no. no. no.
okay. i dont noe where to start but it begins like this.

we both met in all sudden without any plan. we hang out at night after i finished my work. its 11 o'clock in the midnight. i no it sounds bad but just for this once. :)
me with my besties, and 3 other strangers. (include HIM!) going to have dinner. we went to limbong. satay been served! *YUMMY!*
we meet, we talk, we laugh, we fight, we separate. its just a beautiful night. FOR ME !
we in the same place. texting each other. sometime meet. :) sometime i feel like i like him. sometime i dont. sometime i feel like i want to be with him. but sometime i just dont feel right. sometime i want him to be with me and sometime he just appear from no where. =D

who is my crush? its HIM. :)

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